Affordable Masonry and Tuckpointing

Lintel Replacements

Lintel ReplacementLintels are the horizontal concrete or steel beams that are installed above windows or doors to ensure the structural integrity of the building.  Replacements can be done where the existing lintel rusts and expands, creating a "bow" in the middle or cracking  the brickwork and causing structural damage.

Lintels can inadvertently be missed out or poorly installed during the construction phase of a project. This can result in the need for new lintels to be fitted retrospectly.

The choice of lintel used for any replacement application will depend on the inner and outer leaf construction and the degree of failure present in the existing brickwork. 

Replacing lintels without damaging surrounding brick or stonework requires  experience and knowledge of structural issues to calculate the lintel strength that needs to be used.

We at Affordable Masonry and Tuckpointing have many years of experience with these skills, and can ensure lintels are replaced properly and to specification. Most importantly, we will make sure that you will never have the same problem again.